[In Progress] Invention: No-Slosh Bottle

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Below is a description of my current project: The No-Slosh Water Bottle. The initial idea stemmed from discomfort I felt when I would run with a water bottle. Running with a nearly full water bottle felt great, since there was little room for the water inside to slosh around. However, as I drank more water, my running would cause the contents in my bottle to slosh, which impacted my running pace and was generally just annoying.

To combat this issue, I developed an internal “syringe-like” mechanism which would press down on the fluid contents, eliminating any slosh. Below is a sketch of the initial design:

As shown in the diagram, the user would drink via the straw (light blue), and water would flow from the lower compartment through the stopper (grey) and into the straw. Below is what the initial prototype looked like:

Although this model was fairly successful in preventing slosh, there were several shortcomings. First, since the straw remained uncovered, as I ran, the water would actually be able to push the stopper up, and a space would be created where the beverage contents would slosh again. A second issue was that the stopper shape was concave, rather than convex (shown below). As a result, even when the stopper was properly positioned tangent to the beverage level, there was still a small space that allowed the drink to slosh.

To combat the first issue of the straw being pushed by the beverage, I designed the second iteration of the bottle to have a cap, which would close the straw and prevent any movement. To combat the issue of the concave seal, I designed a seal with a conic convex section in CREO Parametric and 3D printed a model, which worked considerably better in preventing a small air pocket from being formed.

In May 2018 I received a ‘Best in Class’ award from the Boston University Imagineering competition for the prototype of the water bottle. Shortly after, I filed a design patent for the internal syringe mechanism.

Starting June 2019, I will be working on the No-Slosh water bottle as part of the summer accelerator program at the BUild Lab within Boston University. I was granted $10,000 for this project.

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